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January 04, 2008

Name change and new video versions.

I have updated the Swallow Pond and Meadowlark Prairie video postings. I re-compressed the original .avi files with Quicktime 7 Pro using H.264 settings. The difference is quite noticeable in my eye and ear. However, since I am using YouTube as the location of the files, they are subject to whatever further processing YouTube applies. Evenso, I think these new files are an improvement.

I have been reading up quite a bit on Podcasting and doing my best to improve my techniques. I think a lot can happen during production to improve the quality. My use of extreme zoom and hand held taping is not really compatible with web viewing so I will try other techniques.

Also, I will be refining the focus on this blog as can be seen by the change of name to Slowdunk Express. I like the contradictory qualities of speed and inertia that the title implies. Much of my creative efforts are influenced by my decisions to not run the creative rat-race and to allow myself as much time as I need to locate original subject avenues that have integrity and reflect honestly on my daily life. In contrast, I use the internet and computer technologies to disseminate my work and ideas. Technologies that are paragons of speed.

My commitment is to strive for continuity between my artistic efforts and my domestic life. I find that this commitment leads to new and challenging work situations that often reveal material I may not have considered otherwise.

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