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December 29, 2007

Notes on Swallow Pond

I reviewed some tape I had shot at a local wetland spot from 2005. Decided to edit it together. The result is the video below. Here are some notes from my journal at the time:

At Swallow Pond, while eating lunch, a couple drove up and parked in an adjacent lot. They let a small terrier out of their pick-up. After lifting its leg, it took off straight for the pond and the waterfowl there. The dog flew through the shallow water sending the geese honking into panicked flight. My first reaction was to call out something about leash laws and disturbing wildlife. Instead, sort of by force of habit, I lifted my camera and taped the little dynamo hurtling around the preserve.

My anger was side-lined and I gained a few moments to reflect in a less knee-jerk fashion to the dog's marauding. Perhaps the geese were used to this kind of harassment from foxes and maybe wolves up north? Even though the geese were disturbed, they seemed to get over it quickly - the ducks on the far bank hadn't even moved. The dog's enjoyment was supremely evident. Was it really interested in catching a bird? And, how is its right to such behavior less defendable than the geese's right to undisturbed refuge? Perhaps this idea of refuge is purely a guilty human concept to help assuage the pain of being responsible for the lack of wetlands in the first place.

The moment became richer and full of content. Offering an opportunity to act in a less rash, idealistic manner, to step back and acknowlegde the complexity of the simple moment. Maybe it is better to observe and hold back judgement when I am out gathering material.

Swallow Pond April 2005

December 13, 2007

About video on my blog

So, I wonder whether the quality of online video is of high enough quality to do justice to my kind of work. I have to say that I don't really mind video noise and artifacts in my work (sometimes I actually try to create them in my editing or taping techniques) in the same way that I don't mind chance sounds creeping into a recording or during a performance as I feel they add to the experience. Within reason of course. But evenso, I think I am probably more tolerant than my audience. And my appreciation is based on years of listening and musico-philosophical development that the average audience member may not share. Although, I am increasingly surprised by the sophistication of some folks I meet at performances. I am aware of production techniques that can optimize internet video viewing and plan to employ them in the future. So, how do these images come across? As a revaluing of spontaneous art, improvised text and video or as sloppy and amateur-ish. I'd be interested to know. Course, I haven't gotten any comments on my blog since I set it up close to a year ago so I'm not getting my hopes up. I'll look into getting more exposure. Any comments on that process also appreciated...umm...

December 12, 2007

Meadowlark Prairie 12/04/07

December 03, 2007

IMMI Fest 2007 Dec. 14th-15th

IMMI Fest 2007

The Improvised Music Moving Image Festival for 2007 will take place as usual at the DIVA Center in downtown Eugene, OR at the corner of Broadway and Olive, December 14th and 15th. Show times are at 8pm. Admission is $5 general/$3 students and members. Workshop fee is $20 general/$15 students and members, registration required. The schedule follows:

Fri. 12/14   


with Matt McCormick and Rob Tyler offering live improv and video mixing. (Matt and Rob offer a workshop/panel Sat. 11am)

9:30pm PHANTOM (1922)  

FW Murnau's classic silent film from 1922. The Knotty Ensemble from Vancouver, BC will provide an improvised sound track. Local Eugene musicians will join in.

Sat. 12/15  

11am - 1pm Workshop/Panel Discussion

Live Audio/Video Performance discussion with Matt McCormick, Rob Tyler, Carl Diehl and Daniel Heila. We will present topics, examples, demos, and Q&A sessions for anyone interested in this growing new media performance format.


Rupert Julian's classic silent horror film in a newly restored DVD issue featuring color tinting. The Knotty Ensemble from Vancouver, BC will provide an improvised sound track. Local Eugene musicians will join in.

Call DIVA Center to register for the workshop or for other info: (541)344-3482, email: slowdunk@danielheila.com 


Rethinking Blogging

So, obviously, I don't find a lot of time to post on this blog. I have lots of ideas...just not the organization to do regular posts. Because of this, I have been thinking about ways I can get myself to create content for my site and this blog that are more in line with my everyday life...instead of allowing the site and blog to become just two more items on a list of things to accomplish.

I have been looking into video podcasting and have found some interesting examples (pouringdown, alec crichton, Neil Webb). Also, the quality of the video is quite high.  I have found an online gallery that specializes in representing artists who work in digital video (The Video Art Gallery). They offer packages of artwork and display media for each artist represented. The work is presented in limited series just like prints. Seems like a growing outlet for video art.

Alot of my subjects are domestic or perhaps mundane. I have gravitated this way in order to combine my creative work with my everyday life. I don't believe in the separation of these two aspects of my life. Keeping these aspects separate in has led to tension, anxiety and a sense of pressure that was unacceptable. By integrating creative work with daily life I have gone far in relieving some of these pains.  

Video podcasting seems to be an appropriate format for combining creative process with professional exposure....sort of a blog and website in one. Less online content maintenance...greater exposure for my work.

So, I am planning on setting up a monthly or twice-monthly video podcast. Please come back to view. 

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