July 15, 2007

WETLANDS: Distant Progress

I am exhibiting for the month of July @ DIVA Center in Eugene, OR my installation WETLANDS: Distant Progress. This work features translucent vinyl prints of stills extracted from a digital video work of the same name. These prints are mounted on clear acrylic panels and light boxes. An array of 9 videos is presented using 7" portable DVD players mounted on pegboard - kind of like tools hanging in a workshop. The central video is the full length Distant Progress work. The surrounding short videos are loops from which the still frames were extracted for the vinyl prints. When viewing the array, there is the opportunity to notice syncing of the surrounding screens with the central screen as they present the same section of the parent video. An audio track plays from the central video and is set to fill the space unobtrusively. A few selected documentation photos follow. Better quality images can be found on my website.

May 18, 2007

InterTidal an installation at Portland Art Center

For the month of May I have an installation titled InterTidal at the Light and Sound Gallery of the Portland Art Center in Portland OR. The opening on 5/3 was well attended. I did a live performance on 5/11 flute, looping, voice over to accompany MortalTRIO. This is an excellent venue. Kelly and Gavin are very hardworking and truly committed to the artists they host. Below is a description. I have uploaded some images as well.


15 minute loop

multiple channel digital video

electro-acoustic sound design



This installation is born from a mix of influences; the seasons, seashore environments, moon cycles, cycles of my mental states, cycle of the day, suburban existence, monotony of daily tasks, isolation.

In the cycle of the large screen projection, the material for the video was gathered during the workweek during my time “on shift” (being a chauffer for my children, running errands, etc.), and during my time “off shift” (night time). The small screen images document places of habitude in and around the home that are forgotten in the hustle-bustle of everyday life (much like tide pools during high tide) that seem more exposed and strangely expectant without any human presence. The audio is derived from the sync sound of the video taping process. Its processing is largely a result of manipulations of the associated video clips. In the case of the small screen projections (4 of six) the audio is also derived from sync sound and presented in an intimate ensemble format.

January 15, 2007

3rd Annual OPEN LENS Fest a Success

Just finished up a weekend film festival at DIVA Center: The Open Lens Festival. We feature video and film work from southwestern Oregon artists. We screened a 13 film  juried program and awarded 1 Jury award, 2 honorable mentions and 1 audience choice award. Check the Festival webpage for details:

Our visiting filmmaker, Kelley Baker, from Portland offered 2 workshops, Making the Extremely Low Budget Film and Sound Design for Independent Filmmaking. Both were well attended. Kelley was very supportive of the filmmakers in attendance and proved to be a wealth of info and stories from his years as sound designer and from his own feature film work. Check out his website:

The event was successful with good attendance and good press. We look forward to next year's festival. There is a growing sense of Eugene as a center for regional filmmaking and we at the Media Arts Committee of the DIVA Center are committed to fostering that reality.

January 05, 2007

DIVA Center Gallery opening

Had a First Friday opening at the DIVA Center Galleries tonight. Featured tattoo art show with gorgeous male and female models exposing beautiful tattoos on various body parts, some large format photos and paintings of various designs by local tatt artists; a University of Oregon student art exhibit that included some video art; an attractive slightly new-agey exhibit of silk screen work, two installations from opposite ends of the sensual spectrum and a room for airbrush tattoos. Huge number of people filing through all night. Many folks from the body art community. Had opportunity to pass out fliers about the Media Arts Committees programs including the Open Lens Festival and our Sunday film series events. All in all a successful event. Good to be involved with DIVA. Good to see the community embracing our vision. Check out the site