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March 15, 2008

More on Rule my life

I was just looking at Rule My Life. The clip that runs in the background, of the bottle caught in the water, was something I had taped quite a few years ago. I had been at Amazon park with my boys for a walk and had stopped at this particular place out of habit. I enjoy the intimacy of this forgotten place. Tucked under a sidewalk, the standing rapid forms at the bottom of a drainage culvert. In spring this place is very active with the water rushing and reeds pushing up through the silt bars that form at the back of the pool. As summer arrives the reeds dominate the pool and the water slows to a dribble. The kind of place that fugitive fauna seek out for cover. The bottle trapped in the flow was so animated. It almost danced. There were moments when it seemed that it would escape the relentless repetition of the backflow but never quite managed to free itself. The bottle stayed in that same flow for a week. I kept coming back to check on it. The thought of the hours the bottle spent bobbing and flipping without anyone to notice, to witness, was pleasing.

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